It’s a Christmas Miracle!

It’s a miracle.  There are exactly 17 days left until Christmas, and I am farther along at this point than I’ve ever been before.  Pretty good, considering that when we returned from Thanksgiving in the mountains last Sunday I realized I had done zip to get ready.  So in the last week I bought gifts for my nephews, niece, babysitter’s daughter, my daughter, my in-laws (both sets),  and the two gifts for our dirty Santa game that we’re playing at my parent’s house this year. 

Thank God, we’re doing the game, because I am seriously out of ideas for gifts for my immediate family.  That might be because a couple of weeks ago we had the “birthday party” for me, J, H, my mom, my brother, my nephew, and my niece.  We have a hard time getting our schedules in sync, so we have resorted to having one big blowout birthday party that’s almost like Christmas, because 80% of our family has birthdays from September-December.  I think I have gotten my brother some variation of the same birthday gift for the last 10 years.   If I had to come up with another idea for Christmas, I think I would blow my brains out. 

I don’t like to complain about buying gifts for family, though.  Years ago, when I was teaching a fitness class, I was complaining to my students about having to buy three mother’s day gifts (my mom,  my husband’s mom, and his stepmom).  After class, this really sweet girl came up to me, and quietly said, “You know, I wish I HAD a mom to buy a present for.” 


So I’m happy as a clam that I have parents, siblings and friends to buy gifts for.  I just wish I had better gift-selecting skills.

Anyway, in addition to getting a huge head start on the Christmas shopping, I finished decorating this afternoon.  I have decided that either I should leave these decorations up until February, or start putting them up November 1st, because it’s way too much trouble to only have them up for three weeks.  I teased our former babysitter (can’t call her a babysitter anymore, since H is 15, and former babysitter now has a 2 year old of her own) because she put her decorations up after Halloween, but now I think she’s actually pretty smart. 

Also, ordered, received, and addressed 150 holiday cards this week.  They’ll go in the mail tomorrow.

Now, other than a few small gifts, I just have to make cookies next weekend, and I will be DONE!!!

Thank God for online shopping!  I neglected to mention that I’ve done all my shopping so far, holiday cards included, without stepping foot into a mall.  And that, my friends, is a miracle I can believe in. 

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