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Hey Mom…I’m learning bridge!!!

Took my first bridge lesson today. It’s a series of 2-hour lessons for about 12 weeks, I think. My mom has played my whole life. I remember those weekly, or twice weekly nights that she’d get together with her girlfriends or with Daddy and another couple and play for hours. I never learned how to play, but I do remember the long, laughter filled nights they had. I don’t think that will happen in my house, because J doesn’t like to play cards (unless we’re on the houseboat trip and we MAKE him play). But I’m meeting other women who will hopefully want to play during the day every now and then. I just started thinking that it must be a great game, since Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were recently in town playing in the duplicate national tournament. I spend so much time exercising for my body, hopefully if I do this I’ll exercise my brain. It was fun! Kind of like spades, which I love, but more complicated bidding. Mom has moved on to duplicate, and has been a “life master” (whatever that means) for many years. I don’t have time to play as much as she does, but it will be a nice thing to do when I can squeeze it in.


I keep sitting down to write, but thinking I have nothing interesting to say, I decide to write later…then later just never seems to come. So I’m going to just write whatever comes to mind.

I went to see a doctor today about fixing a scar I have on the side of my head, from some stitches I had a few years ago. It seems to be growing, and the hair around it is getting thinner, so people have noticed it. I thought he could just cut it out, but he said he couldn’t. At least not successfully. He said the best thing to do for it is a hair transplant!! OMG! I feel like an old man or something. He said it is very easy and simple, an outpatient thing that only takes a few minutes and only needs local anesthesia. I can’t believe it. There was an article in a USA TODAY that I picked up this morning talking about hair transplants, and of course, the men in the pictures were these old bald middle aged men. I can barely even think about it, because every time I do I just get trembles from head to toe.