No big drama for the HSM2 party. We had our party, she had hers. The kids here had a blast. Very loud, though, which is a good thing, I guess. When they’re quiet is when I will worry. The movie was a disappointment, I’m told, but it wasn’t really about the movie.

Got up very early to drive down to OAR to do a full river rafting trip on the Ocoee! So exciting, and a little bit scary. The guides are good at what they do, and luckily, we had two really good ones. Taylor took the three girls, a dad and brother. The 3 moms with Alan and guide James. They had an orientation for the group, teaching us how to hold the paddle, how to get back in the boat, what to do if you fell out of the boat, and a couple examples of things that could go wrong (pull feet up, don’t try to stand or else you can get your foot jammed in rocks and the water will hold you underwater…not good if you can’t hold your breath for a couple of hours). H was really quiet on the bus ride to the start, and when I asked her why, she said she was a little nervous about falling out. I think it was good that she was a little nervous, it meant that she took the advice seriously. It was all good, though. They had so much fun. I don’t think she ever stopped smiling for the whole 10 mile trip down the river. The water was extremely cold, which felt great at first, because it was sunny and warm. By the end of the ride when the sun started to go down it got really cold, though, which wasn’t helped by our sweet daughters and Justin who just loved splashing us with their oars. Taylor taught them how to really get a lot of water with their splashes, unlike us who thrashed around pretty uselessly.

Anyway, we got a great night’s sleep last night! It was a long day.


H wanted to have a few friends over to watch High School Musical on Friday. J didn’t want to have a huge party because we’re leaving early the next day to go rafting. So she carefully chose a few girls and boys to come and issued the invitation. One of the girls who was invited wanted H to invite more people, but J said ‘No”. So of course, the girls who weren’t invited are now having a party at the same time. God, I don’t miss 8th grade, and the drama that goes with it. H hates to hurt anyone’s feelings, but now she’s worried that her guests will have to choose between her small get-together and a bigger party somewhere else. More to come, I’m sure…

We’re so over Hilton Head!

Well, we had been in the mountains for a few days…hiking, jogging, playing tennis,walking Rosie, and most importantly, PICKING UP H, and then drove down to Hilton Head for the week. We were looking so forward to it…I had found a really nice beachfront home that allowed dogs, so we were excited. The last time we were down there was the year before H went to camp, so it was seven years ago. We had good memories of running and biking on the beach, relaxing by the pool, and eating at great restaurants, so it seemed like a no-brainer…more fun. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve gotten older and more finicky, but it was really a let-down. The beaches are so crowded…J couldn’t even go on a good bike ride on the beach because of having to dodge all the people. The traffic is horrendous. Going 5 miles takes 30 minutes. It’s so hot this time of year that going to the beach is just not relaxing at all. We’d rather be in the mountains! Woke up Friday morning (we were supposed to leave on Saturday) and it was raining, so we decided to go home a day early.

One more day!

We’re leaving in the morning to pick up our girl from camp. She’s been gone almost four weeks and I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. Is that bad? She’s almost 14 and I know she loves camp, loves the independence and being with her girlfriends, so that is all good. I just personally have such a hard time when she’s not around. If I could at least talk to her on the phone and hear her voice I think it would be much easier. There should be a support group for parents of only children when their kids are away for an extended time. When she’s here I am not only J’s wife, but I’m also H’s Mom, which is the most consuming, and most rewarding job I’ve ever had. It’s like I have to be at work with nothing to do!

If it’s Tuesday…where are we?

We’re at home for a little while…packing for the beach and North Carolina to pick up our girl!!!Yay! It’s been three weeks almost, but it feels like a year. She’s having a blast, though. We’ve gotten lots of letters from her, and it’s all good. That’s a big change from a few years ago with “the mean girls”. It’s amazing what a little maturity will do for you!

After spending a few days in beautiful Lake Toxaway and dropping H off at camp, we went on our 16th houseboat trip, then met T and PB in Colorado for a glorious trip to Denver and Aspen. It was amazing. Lots of exercise, running, hiking, biking and eating! Plus the shopping was amazing. We had a great time. But it is good to be home for a little while at least. We’re still getting used to the new house so it still feels a little like a vacation here, too.

weekend stuff

Whew…crazy weekend. After three weeks of basketball every day, they’re finished until July. H decided to invite the 8th grade players who are in town over to sleepover. I got up early Sat. morning to bike and they were still up! Didn’t go to sleep until 10 a.m….then got up for lunch and she and L fell back to sleep until we woke them for dinner. M and T came over for dinner and to pick up L. It was nice, until J and M got into a (good-natured, I hope) debate about politics. I hate hate hate when that happens, although J loves a good “discussion”. He is very passionate about his beliefs, and unfortunately, they’re usually not the same as many of our friends. Oh well, I think they still like us….

I did the 62 mile Harpeth River ride with T and M. Luke and Mike were there as well, and Lisa and a friend did the 42 because she had to get home to get H. to soccer camp. It was a beautiful ride with great snacks (always important). But it got very hot and humid very quickly. They were taking people off the course due to the heat. T had some bad leg cramping. I used my new bike for the first time. It was so much smoother, although I have to work a little harder on the hills, since I don’t have the lowest gears like I had on the old bike. I was so mad at myself…I had to walk a little on the big hill. I’m going to meet M out there and ride it again.

Four more days until we leave for camp 🙁

Basketball camp

After last week’s five days of basketball camp (spending one night in Shelbyville in a classroom, and three nights in Cookeville in the grossest dorm room in existence!), and playing up to 8 games per day, they’re back at it with a vengeance. Practice this morning for two hours, then four games tonight. As tired as H was when I picked her up on Friday, she spent hours this weekend working on her shot and didn’t mind getting up today for practice. It’s great that she has finally picked one sport that she really loves, instead of ten that she didn’t mind doing. I just hope she gets to play this year, and that the coaching is more organized. Last year, the coach had three teams to keep track of and coach, and it was her first year as a coach. I think it took half the season for her to learn everyone’s names! I did feel much better watching her coach from the sidelines while watching a couple of games last week. Maybe this year will go more smoothly with a year of experience under her belt!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer has officially started. School was out May 23rd, and we left on the 24th for San Francisco and Napa (to celebrate MIL’s 70th birthday). It was a perfect trip! San Francisco was cold, though…foggy and overcast and in the 50s. I actually like it, because I’m so over the humidity here in Nashville. Ran a couple of times through the hills in the city and once on the bay, under the golden gate bridge and through Presidio park and down to Baker’s beach. A lovely run…lots of scenery and I just love running in that weather! J ran with me because he loves that particular run as well, but his leg/hip has really been bothering him. We’re nervous that his AVN may be back, and he’s scared to get an Xray because he’s afraid of the results. He’s probably fitter than he’s ever been, though, from working out consistently and working in the garden. Maybe it’s just that trying to run 7 miles or so when you haven’t run at all in seven weeks might be hard on his joints!

We had some great meals in San Francisco, ate at Myth, The Slanted Door, Bacar (sp?), and one other place that I can’t remember …of course, had some great wine there as well. Then we drove up to Napa Valley, Calistoga Ranch Inn. What a glorious change of pace! The weather was 20 degrees warmer, and this place was absolutely beautiful! It’s owned by the same people who own the Auberge Du Soleil. Private little two room cottages amidst the trees and hills between St. Helena and Calistoga.

We went to a couple of wine tastings and tours…Stags Leap Winery and Hartwell. Two amazing wineries and vineyards! I think Stag’s Leap was the most beautiful winery we’ve ever seen, and Hartwell had the best Merlot I’ve ever tried. We had great meals there, as well. “Press” was my favorite restaurant…owned be Dean and Deluca. Great service and awesome food.

I don’t think I need to ever eat again…

January, 2007…Another year, and we’re still not in the house! Looks like it’s going to be March at the earliest. We’re going to Hawaii at the end of February, and skiing for spring break so we hope to fit the move in between those two trips.
H’s in the middle of the short middle school basketball season. Lots of games but over by the beginning of February. Will probably do AAU to get some spring playing time in.

One year later!

Wow. I thought this was such a great idea, I could write here instead of my journals and keep it all in one place. It’s all in one place, but my last post was over a year ago. At this rate I might fill up a regular journal by the time I’m dead.

H’s in 7th grade. (Oh, my God, I know!). I really do remember 7th grade. Donelson Junior High, stacked sandals, Candies, Bell bottoms, hip huggers, flared sleeves, (sounds like today!), and as for ME, braces, a horrible hair cut (gypsy shag gone bad)…just plain old awkward. H’s 7th grade is nothing like mine, except for the clothes, which she would be horrified to know that I wore almost the same thing she’s wearing. She’s doing really well in school, has lots of friends, plays soccer, basketball, and runs cross country. She did give up dance this year, as well as school soccer and it’s such a relief. She loved dance, and was really good at it, but it just didn’t fit into her schedule with her other priorities. I think she was hanging on because she felt if she quit she could never be a dancer again…but we reassured her that she’ll always be a dancer. Later as other priorities shift she might take it up again.

We’re rounding the final bend in building our house. It’s been so long. I think we bought the lot about 2 years ago. Builder tells us we’ll be in by Valentine’s Day, 2007. We’ll see. We had no idea getting into this that it would be such a major pain in the &(*. (Although I suppose it could be worse, if we had a different builder). B is a great builder and has wonderful relationships with his subs and uses really good ones, so any problems so far have been very minimal. It’s just all the decisions and things that have to be made. Thank God J is such a details person…he keeps everything going much better than I could. Our architect is M , B ‘s brother, who is a genius. He took all our ideas for what we wanted and shook them up in his brain and out popped this wonderful home that is so cool. It’s more modern than I think we realized we wanted, but it’s great. We’re in an older residential neighborhood full of ranch homes, so it’s quite a bit different than the norm, but more and more people are doing these tear downs, so we aren’t the only ones. One thing that I am very certain of, and happy with, is that it is not a “Brentwood Box”, which is the best way to describe the multitude of HUGE, boring, homogeneous homes with little to no landscaping being built all over the Williamson County countryside.