Friday morning…

O.K. here goes…
I’ve never done this before, and don’t really know why I’m doing it now, but writing things down in a journal is something I’m always doing, but never in the same book. So I have entries from many years spread out in no particular order in about ten different books. Maybe this will help.

I’m so glad the weather is cooling off. I had to run on my treadmill all summer because I just can’t run in the heat here in Nashville. Now it’s actually feeling almost pleasant. Soon the mornings will stay cool and crisp for several hours and I will remember why I like to run.

I’m going to call my dear daughter “H” for short…I think I should keep this relatively anonymous for awhile until I see how it goes. She is finishing up her third week in sixth grade and so far, so good. We’re still working on organizational skills and following through with homework, which isn’t so bad so far, but will get much worse. At the school she attends (where we pay more for one year than I spent on four years of college), homework is unbelievable. I have a hard time understanding why they get so much…what DO they do during the day? H doesn’t complain about it, I do! She doesn’t really know anything different, so I guess she doesn’t think it’s so weird to come home from school and do homework for three hours, squeeze in dinner and a shower and go to bed every single day.

I’m doing what I usually do in the mornings…eat breakfast, catch up on email, read the paper, make phone calls, and try to go to the bathroom enough so that when I go for my run I don’t have any emergency pit stops. (Sorry, but that’s an unfortunate reality of my body. Now anyone who knows me has probably figured out who I am…oh well). That’s the main reason I have to run indoors during the summer, because I can’t do my “business” in time to fit in an early morning run before it tops 95 degrees!

H has cross country and soccer practice today, soccer game and her birthday party tomorrow, “Nutcracker” auditions and basketball practice on Sunday…then school starts back again on Monday. I’m tired just reading that list. And to think we have cut back on a couple of things she does. Right now there is overlap in sports seasons. Cross country will be done in two weeks, and basketball is a pre-season thing, because she really wants to make the middle school team when they have tryouts in November. I don’t know why she’s doing soccer. Something tells me that is one that we could also eliminate.

I’m not sure how this works. I guess I will post this and write more later.